A – Strategy Consultancy Services

  • i. Strategic Alliance (PPP, Supply/ Value Chain)
  • ii. Economic/Environmental Impact Assessment
  • iii. Strategic Organisational Audit
  • iv. Research Methodology/Survey Techniques
  • v. SPERT (Strategic Project Evaluation and Review Technique)
  • vi. Sick/Ailing Industries/Business Revitalisation Strategies.
  • vii. Industrial Parks, Estates and Clusters Development Strategies.
  • viii. TQM, JITT, ISO, SON Compliance Strategies

B – Technology Consultancy Services

  • i. Technology Transfer, Acquisition and Adaptation.
  • ii. Turn-key Projects/Local Technology up-grading strategies.
  • iii. Invention Patenting/Trade Mark Registration.
  • iv. NAFDAC, GMP etc Compliance Strategies.
  • v. Science, Technology and Industrial Parks (STIP) Development.
  • vi. R&D, Inventions/Innovations and Technology Commercialisation
  • vii. Prototype and Pilot Plant Development techniques
  • viii. Information and Communication Technology Services.
  • viii. Project Management.
  • ix. Research to Industry linkages

C – Management Consultancy Services

  • i. Enterprises Consultancy
  • ii. Industrial/Business Evaluation and Appraisal.
  • iii. Entrepreneurship Development Training
  • iv. Investment Analysis
  • v. Marketing/Sales Strategies
  • vi. Finance/ Grant Sourcing, Usage and Management
  • vii. Venture Capital Financing/credit facility packaging
  • viii. Capacity Building Services.